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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sunshine Award

I was lucky enough to receive a Sunshine Award from So nice of her and I was really grateful! 

The rules are:
• Thank the person who gave you this award
• Write a post about it
• Answer to the questions below
• Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them message to let them know.

The questions and answers are here:
  1. Favorite color: I like Hot pink and fuchsia shades, I always go for them in lipstick and shoes and dress and tops and jackets lol Seriously! 
  2. Favorite Animal: I love all animals, but I guess dogs, my dogs ( Sandy who is my baby)
  3. Favorite number: Lucky Number 21, same as my boyfriends birthday and our anniversary but it has always been my lucky number even before I meet him. (His has always been 7 - My birthday)
  4. What perfume am I using right now?: Chanel No. 5
  5. Something you always wear with you and identifies you: Don't think I can think of one, I was known for always having my hair down and never tying it up I guess that would be it.
  6. What’s your passion?: Make-up, which makes me sound like a girlie girlie but it not just applying make-up it is the theory behind make-up and the history not just about wearing it.
  7. What was the last eyeshadow you used?: Mocha by ELF which I love, you can see swatches of it on my swatches tag.
  8. Favorite day of the week: Wednesday or Saturday not sure why though.
  9. Are your nails painted right now?: Yeah on my hands I have Essence 07 Wanna Kiss? and on my toes I have NYC Hot Pink.

I TAG all the girls that I love hearing from - 

  8. Nina Carry (Review Page Facebook)

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