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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Hair!!

Dark to Light Brown at last! 

So for the longest time I have wanted lighter hair. I have tried lots of light brown shades but they have always made my hair even darker. (Home dying is a pain but I can't be bothered with salons) 
So I had no choice but to use a blonde hair dye to get the golden brown shade that I have always wanted. 

Nice&Easy Perfect 10

I am not denying it was a risk but luckily it worked out! Super happy with the way it turned out, I actually wouldn’t mind going even lighter one day (we’ll see)

What I used: Nice&Easy Perfect 10 Medium Golden Blonde 8G. 
(I had to use two boxes because I have too much hair!)

I was lucky is didn't turn orange but I picked the darkest of the blonde shades, I did this once before a few years ago and it went orange which totally washed me out, so be warned home dying is tricky! 



  Love from a slightly                                                                                                                                                                
     Blonder/Ginger Sinead xx


*Follow the instructions carefully.
*Word of warning home dying dark to light can make the hair turn orange so always do a strand test!  

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