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Friday, February 29, 2008

Pulled Back Pieces

My little girls BFF wore her hair like this yesterday. Of course, we have to be just like her BFF. So we copied the do. Just two pieces on the sides pulled back. The top was still damp when we took the picture so ignore that. Wait, now you WILL be looking since I said that.

To get the hair under the two pulled back pieces to stay down, I soak the top half of her hair and then comb some Infusium through it (which by-the-way is in my list of MUST HAVES now) as well as some super strength hair gel. I comb it down as flat as I can and then pull the two pieces over it. The ends were a bit damp when I curled her hair, but it made the curls a little more defined and wavy. Once I curled the ends with the flat iron, I finger-combed them and then sprayed them with hairspray and scrunced them. Then I sprayed her entire head.

Come back on Monday. I am working on the French Twist tutorial this weekend. And on red or blonde hair. How fun!

Oh, and don't forget this shout out. If YOU have a hairstyle that you simply adore and you want the world to see it, e-mail me at blackeyedsue2 at gmail dot com (avoiding those spammers) and I would LOVE to feature your favorite do.

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