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Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Fancy UpDo

My little girlie went to a Fancy Nancy party last week & got to dress up in fancy clothes so I decided she had to have fancy hair with it. 
Start by sectioning out the hair & twisting it straight back. Add a bobby pin going forward to secure it. 
Go all the way around the head, sectioning, twisting & adding your pins. Then pull it all into a pony tail. 
Start to pin the hair by doing the flower bun.  But leave a portion out so that it hangs down underneath. 
I blow dried & curled what was hanging down
For her ribbon, I tied a bow & then put the bobby pin through the middle of it & insert it in the hair where you want it to go. 
Add the ribbon & spray to hold. We added glitter in her hair for some extra "fanciness". 
from the front: 

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