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Friday, December 11, 2009

I know these are really called topsy tails - but I like to call them tuck under knots. Most of you by now know how to do the tuck under knots. So this is just puffy braids on each side with each one a tuck under knot. Super easy to do. Sometimes - I get sick of curling the ends, or doing messy buns - I just wanted the tuck under knots to go all the way down.
Start at the top & after each elastic, do your tuck under knot & then go on to the next.
I did 3 going down the head on both sides.
Once you do 3, you've got your 2 piggy tails left. Continue with the tuck under knots on the pony tail until as far down as you want to go.

& we're finished. This would work on long or short - even if you just went once or twice down with short hair. It's super easy & pretty fast when we're in a hurry to be going somewhere.
front/slide view
You could even add some ribbons at the end but she's starting to not like bows as much. I even thought about threading ribbon through back & forth to make it look more christmasee - maybe we'll try it later & post it to see how it looks.

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