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Monday, December 21, 2009

I love my little girl's hair down but I have to do something with the front or else it's in her eyes & face & it drives me nuts. This is SUPER easy & can be done on short or long & it was very quick. & I actually recycled this hairdo which I usually never do - but it looked really good the next day, so I pulled her hair into a side pony on that same side, braided it & it looked really cute.
Start with four elastics on the side that you part it on.
Split the middle ones in half & add together to make your next row of 3
One more time of splitting the middle ones & adding to make a row of 2.
Braid as far down as you want to go.
I kept her hair straight except for the 2 braids - I curled them & her hair was out of her face all day. Loved it.

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