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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Hair Carnival! Beautiful Butterfly With A Fancy Half Updo

Happy Halloween Everyone! I hope you all had a fun and safe night. Keyanna had a blast! (for the most part). 

This year, after eyeing a pair of wings at the craft store, Keyanna had her heart set on being  a butterfly. So we did another homemade costume this year. I think she looked super cute and it hardly cost us anything!. We got the wings on sale for $5.99, the tutu we reused from last years rockstar costume (we just took the pink out),  I spent about  $2.00 on a little more orange/black tulle to fill it up again and to make the headband. The make-up is LA Colors from the Dollar Tree, and the rest of the costume (boots, leggings, and a black gymnastics leotard) she already had! So.. Total cost? Only about 9.00! 

The hair was not exactly what we had originally planned, but Key absolutely LOVED it! We went with a half Updo, and since I wanted a lot of volume behind her headband I had the genius idea of using a Bumpit. Lol. 

I wanted her roots to be really straight for this style so I started by flat ironing her hair using…………… (I know a lot of you choose not to use heat on your child’s hair, I personally don’t have a problem using it on rare occasions and it hasn’t caused any problems for us.) I then added the Bumpit on the crown of her head, took the top half of the loose hair, gave it a little twist, and secured that part in the back of her head using a few more pins. 

For the bottom half of the hair I added a few medium size Curlformers and set them using Deva Curl AnGel (review coming soon) I left those in for a few hours and she was good to go! 

Here is my beautiful butterfly!

And here are a few pics of her 'do 

Got pics of your little one? Feel free to post them on our Facebook page! 

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