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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Find your face shape quiz!

Determining your face shape can be hard!

This quiz will help you fit into one of three categories: 
Round, Square or Angular

Tie your hair back from your face.
Place mirror in front of you.

Take a picture of yourself with your hair back.

Looking into the mirror or at a photograph answer these question

What best describes your forehead?

A Square
B Narrow
C Round

What best described your jawline and chin?

A Square
B Pointed
C Full or Round

Describe the width of your face?

A Wide
B Average
C Narrow

Look closely at your face - 

What do you see the most?

A. Angles 
B. Sharp edges
C. Smooth round curves 

Find the matching group and read through the statements.

Rounder Shape: Mostly C

You are part of the round smooth family. Now to work out which one you are:

Oval - Round forehead, Tapering cheeks and chin.

Round - Round forehead, Full Cheeks and smooth round jawline.

Long/Oblong - Round forehead, tapers to chin. 

       Round                                    Oval                                        Long

Square Shape: Most A

Hip to be square! Your square forehead and jaw give you away.

Square - Square forehead and jaw, Full Cheeks, almost as wide as it is long.

Rectangle - Square forehead and jaw, longer then it is wide.

       Square                                                          Rectangle 

Angular Shape: Mostly B

These shapes come in different forms but one thing they have in common are angles!

Heart -  Rounded forehead and sharply tapered chins.

Inverted Triangle - Square Forehead and sharply tapered chin.

(These are the same shape with slightly different foreheads)

Diamond - Narrow forehead and jaw with fuller cheekbones.

Pear - Narrow Forehead and widest at the jaw line.

        Heart                                                                   Inverted Triangle                
             Diamond                                                              Pear  

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