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Monday, September 24, 2012

Hair styles for your faceshape!

Hair Style for your face!

Okay so we went through all the face shapes, now let's talk about hair!
As a make-up artist I am not an expert in hair, but I do have a few tips and trick that might help!

Oval Face Shape:

- Round forehead, Tapering cheeks and chin. 
- Balanced, narrow face.

Ovals can carry off any hairstyle they want, from long to super short!
Nothing can look really bad, so its all personal preference and working with your hair type. 

Here is an example of an oval and the many different styles, its up to you which you like the most.
I have to say I like the hair tied up or with long layer as it shows off the lovely shape.

If you are oval, enjoy it! Experiment and have fun!

Other stars to look out for - Emma Watson, Jessica Alba and Megan Fox

Round Face Shape:

Round forehead, Full Cheeks and smooth round jawline.
- Width across the cheeks same as the length from forehead to chin. 

Round faces are full, the eye see the width more then the length, for this reason you need a hair styles then will lengthen the face, like the one in the middle here - Straight and long.  If you want curls make sure the curls are working away from the face so as not to add width. 
Styles to try - 

Styles to avoid -

Mid length or short hair can be tricky to pull off, compare the upper left and the lower left. The wrong length can be made especially worse if you add curls from the eye line down; this only adds to an already full face. Unlike the oval, pulling back the hair will not be very forgiving!

Other rounds: Cameron Diaz, Kelly Clarkson, Renee Zellweger.


- Round or square forehead, tapers to the chin.
- Much longer then it is wide.

This is the opposite to the round shape! 
You need to add bulk to the side of the face. Straighter brows and thicker/fuller hair will give a long shape a more oval appearance. Short hair is always an option as it will shorten the face but if you want to have long hair make sure its has a slight wave or curl to add fullness. Fringes can also be great to shorten a long face.

Styles to try: 


Looks to avoid:

Straight long hair only makes the face appear longer and drag it down while sleek pulled back hair also has the same effect and there isn't much I need to say about the last picture of Sarah, though the curls are adding bulk, the flatness at the top doesn't give the right effect.

Volume is always best - as long as its in the right place! 

       Right  :)                 Wrong!

- Square forehead and jawline. 
- Full Cheeks
- Almost as wide as it is long.

As square can some times appear round, you can almost follow the same style. You don't want to add bulk to the sides of the face; so longer straighter hair works well. Long layer with slight waves can also be useful to soften the edges.

Jessica's best friend is a hair dresser so she hardly EVER gets it wrong, so if you are looking for some hairspiration look no further then Jess!

Others: Sandra Bullock, Holly Marie Combs, Kate Holmes.


- Square forehead and jawline. 
- Longer then it is wide.

This long square shape is pretty much like the long face shape, but with the angles of the square is easier to get away with, similarly to the oval and because it is longer it doesn't have the fullness to counteract like that of the square. Therefore its sortof like the oval so its very much personal preference.

Heart/Inverted Triangle 
- Rounded or squared off forehead 
- sharply tapered chins.
Heart and inverted triangle are very similar. The forehead is the only difference.

Style options:

Make sure the bangs aren't too short, longer piecer bangs are better then blunt and short. Make sure your hair dresser cut the bangs when they are dry so they don't jump up shorter when you dry them. Side bangs flatter the forehead and soft the jawline.

The right length gives the face a smoother oval appearance. Off centre parting opens up the face and bring attention to the cheeks bones, while a centre parting will cause the face to appear longer then it is. 

Diamond Face Shape

- Narrow forehead and jaw 
- fullest at cheekbones.

Diamond shapes have amazing cheekbones. All hair styles should be about bringing attention to the gorgeous cheekbones. As you can see on the left the flat lifeless hair doesn't work to bring attention to the cheekbone unlike the one of the right.  

Pear Face Shape:
- Narrow Forehead 
- Widest at the jaw line.

This shape is unusual and rare. Its all about balancing the narrow forehead and the wide jaw. Bangs are the easiest way to achieve this. Off centre partings also work. Once you balance the forehead with the jawline then you only need to follow a hairstyle to suit a square face and what have we already learnt about square shape - we want to soften and lengthen it.   

Check out my face shape video on youtube!

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