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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Out the door in sixty seconds

Well. Sort of.

If your life is anything like mine has been lately, your kids are lucky if they get a comb ran through their hair and a barrette. Quite honestly, this third kid has made me a complete and total crazy! Mornings are SO much harder than it was when I had just two. Three people to get ready means I don't even shower til 3:00pm, if even then.

This is one of those hairstyles that adds a touch of simplicity. Normally, we don't do the curls and I just curl it under, but this morning went a bit more smooth than most and she was so excited to have curls. Isn't that sad? My kid feels neglected when I don't curl her hair. Poor baby! Rough life that middle child has.

For this you simply part the hair in the middle and make two little ponytails on either side of the part. So simple her dad could do it...maybe.

Oops...gotta go! The baby just gagged on a piece of cereal and threw up on her high chair...remember what I said about simpicity? Yeah...

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