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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Collaborate With Me This Saturday!

Collaborate With Me!

So this Saturday 21st July I will be doing my first collaboration video. I am kind of nervous because what if no one joins in then it will be just me....Hmm please join in then?!

What you have to do:
Create an OOTD video on what you like to wear shopping.
Edit the video however you like, I do mine with music but its up to you, have fun with it.
Upload the video on you channel.
Use the name - Collaboration with TheMakeupChair
Post as a video response to my video.
Voila! you're done now its all down to me.

How to create a video response


  Press the box like you are going to comment and this happens.


See what happens -

Hope that helps, see you Saturday! xx

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