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Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Favourite!

So ITS FRIDAY!! Yay! I do love Fridays you know and more importantly I love doing my Friday favourites or FF for short! :)

I planned on doing my Bourjois favourites but when I gathered up all my stuff I realise I had a few too many missing but Essence saved the day! So here are my Essence favourites instead, enjoy!

All Eyes On Me - Soft Black 

All Eyes On Me 
Multi-effect Mascara
Not the darkest mascara I have ever use but great on botton lashes. 

        All Eyes On Me  - Deep Brown

Lash&Brow gel mascara - Clear
What can I say it does its job well!

Kajal Pencil 08 Teddy

Cream, blend-able and rich colour. I like this more for the lash line then the waterline though!

Eyebrow Designer 02 Brown 
All time favourite brow pencil.  

Long Lashing eye pencil (Roll up)
10 Almost Famous
So hard to find a light waterline pencil from the drugstore that isn't white this is prefect!

Metallic Eye pencil
White Divine
Sliver shimmer pencil, great for fun look!

Lip designer 020 Soft Fuchsia 
Double ended lip/brush pencil.

Quattro Eyeshadow
05 to die for
You will use then day after day its awesome!

On me here:
Mascara - Black
Shadows - Quattro Eyeshadow 05 to die for
Lower Lash Line - Kajal Pencil 08 Teddy
Waterline -Long Lashing almost famous!
Brows - Brow Gel
Brow pencil - Brown 02

Stay with me
my favourite milkshake 02
If the name doesn't give it away this lasts all day can be a little sticky though but not too much!

Check out the video -

Happy Friday, have a great weekend!! xx

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