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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Introducing Zanajeel design

 One of the most amazing things about modern fashion is that it has became one big Global market. Every once in a while a new designer pops up out of nowhere and surprises us with its talent and fresh perspective.
The excitement of discovering him/her is like listening your next favorite song for the first time. Feeling it in your vains that it was made to touch your soul.

Meet Zanajeel, young talented UAE designer whose blazers are made for those with serious attitude and style. Like nothing you know it combines chic gothic elegance with bold prints and colors.
"Founded by Shahd Al Jumaily, Zanajeel is an exclusive luxurious fashion brand based in the shopping capital of the Middle East- Dubai. Majoring Architectural Engineering, Shahd combined her architectural sketchings skills with her love for fashion to create perfectly structured designs.

After launching the first limited-edition collection in early June 2012, Zanajeel has quickly became one of the most notable brands to come out of the Dubai fashion scene. With great attention to fierce details such as metal studs and chains, the collection blends the use of fine fabrics with a unique and edgy sense of style to form eleven beautifully constructed blazers".

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