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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dream Wedding Dress Part 1 - Princess Dress

Every girl dreams of it from the moment they first time look at Disney's love story cartoon.. While we grow up dreaming of Cinderella's "happy end" we realize that "happily ever after" & Prince Charming are luxury that usually only cartoon princess can afford in modern world, there's one thing we won't be making compromise of. Our dream wedding dress.

Topic so complex deserves detailed approach and we will try showing all kinds of modern wedding dresses and accessories. To start with most-loved, most popular and everlasting .. Princess Wedding Dress.
Also known as corset dress we prefer name Princess, mostly because all Disney's princess wear similar style and some of the real-life princesses wore it on their special day. A dress that sits in our subconscious since we got our Barbie doll  and watched Lady D's wedding, a first thing you imagine when someone mentions "wedding dress". You might not wear it on your wedding day, but can you say you wouldn't want at least to try it? :)

Start from choosing corset shape and style. Sleeveless or not, crystallized or simple, until your hips or short it should point out your attributes.

Jennifer Stano's dress

       Celebrity picks: from iconic Kim Kardashian's  & Victoria Beckham's wedding dresses designed both by Vera Wang to Salma Hayek's extraordinary Balenciaga

We all know Carrie's  Vivienne Westwood 

Niki Lozanova

For those girls who don't see themselves in snow-white , opt for colorful pastel dress

At last, version of Pricess dress that's a bit for more elegant look and is perfect for taller and skinnier girls

  • You will actually feel and look like fairytale princess for at least one day of your life 
  • Perfect to hide baby bump so you don't have to answer same question 1000 times on your W-day
  • Make you feel relaxed about any possible body imperfection and you won't have to keep your belly inside or similar as corset will squeeze it to perfection :) 

  • You will need a very big limo to fit in in case your party & ceremony aren't in same place 
  • ...and a help all the time 
  • It will be very difficult to dance (and move) in so think about having another one for w-party 

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