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Monday, October 29, 2012

How to do Curly Side Waterfall Braid

How to do Curly Side Waterfall Braid
How to do Curly Side Waterfall Braid

Who doesn't love braids? Especially if they are curly and loose. The best thing about these braids is that the technique is very easy to achieve and they don't take a lot of time. You cant wear it for almost every event, ans easily combine clothes. Get ready for this fantastic & romantic side braid.

Begin by curling all of your hair loosely with a flat iron. Then backcomb all of your roots to add body and extra grip for the bobby pins. Section out the hair on the heavy side from your ear forward and clip it aside for later. Take the rest and put it in a low side ponytail. Only pull the hair halfway through the pony the last time to create a loop. Use your fingers to scrunch up and spread out the curls around the loop, bobby pinning the hair in place to create a messy bun. Let down the remaining hair and do a loose waterfall braid, drape the end of the braid across the top of the messy bun and secure it with bobby pins and finish with hairspray


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