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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

how to make hair chalking on dark hair

how to make hair chalking on dark hair
How To :
  1. - Start with clean hair and section off the bottom half, securing the top half with a clip.
  2. - Take a small section of your hair and twist the hair. Mist the section with a water bottle.
  3. - Take your soft chalk pastel stick and rub over the section while twisting the strand back and forth. Repeat over as many sections as desired.
  4. - To get the color to stick around, run a flat iron or curling iron through your hair, then spraying with a light hair spray.
  5. - Be creative after chalking your hair! Style in a messy bun or braids to show off the vibrant colors! 
Source : How To... Master Hair Chalking

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