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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Criscross High French Braids...Submitted by Angie

Sometimes I wonder when I am going to run out of styles and then my site will become obsolete.

And then I have fantastic followers that submit wonderful styles and then my mind goes crazy thinking of styles. So much that I have a sketch pad that I keep with me to jot them down. Last night in the middle of the night I was thinking about this style and one hit me that I will be using tomorrow on the princess...and tonight I am making her some bows to go with it.

Angie...this one is darling and fun and fresh! I posted her instructions beneath the very last picture. Doesn't her daughter make a gorgeous princess? I think so!


"These are some pictures I took of my 8 year old after Halloween. She had taken off her "princess" dress and was just wearing her tank top underneath, but I had worked on that "do" long and hard enough, I wanted to document it. Your request reminded me of these pictures! I did two very high french braids, where I only added the hair from the one side (I use this when I braid across the crown too, no need for a perfect part!) and when the two met, I continued the braids then twisted them around, leaving some hair on the end that I just kept winding into a loose bun. (She had very long hair, I'm not sure it would work with short hair, I've never tried!) I had to use lots of bobby pins and hairspray (it stayed in all night with just a few "wisps" as you can see!) and I wasn't too worried about the visible elastics because she wore an odd sort of headband that covered them, otherwise I would have taken more time to hide them under the bun. "
REMEMBER to document those styles and e-mail them to me along with your instructions! I love new styles and sharing them makes them even more special.

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