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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Wet the hair and part it down the middle...or in my case, a slant to the middle.

Part it from the center to the ear.

Pull into a ponytail and on the last pull through, only pull it 1/2 way through with the excess out the bottom.

Pull the bottom half AND the excess into another ponytail

On the last pull through of the ponytail, only pull it through 1/2 way, only this time leave the excess out on top.

Like so.

The part should look like a "t".
Curl the pieces of hair that you have out. I actually have a picture, but my flat iron looks really gross and needs to be cleaned. So you don't get that picture.

Put some flowers or bows on the top.

There you have it...a loop-de-loop.

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