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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Heidi of the Alps...With a Twist

I did this one early last week. We were originally going to do a normal "Heidi" hairstyle. It wasn't working out very well. So we improvised and I LOVE IT!

When I did this I used the large thick covered elastics that don't have the metal piece connecting the pieces.
Wet hair thoroughly
Apply heavy hold hair gel
Part the hair at a slant to the crown
Pull each half up into a ponytail
Wet the ponytail again
Braid about 3 inches to the bottom
Secure the braid with a clear elastic
Loop the braid up and pull the covered elastic out and pull the bottom of the braid through until the clear elastic is plush with the fabric looked super cute pushed into the side and not on top
Piece the ends out and use a flat-iron to form the spikes
Tie a ribbon around the elastics

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