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Friday, June 6, 2008

Loopy Messy Bun

Get out those bobby pins girls, we're going to make loops today.

Start with a ponytail
Section out a part of the ponytail. I made five sections with hers.

Loop the section up over the so.

Here is where the bobby pins come in handy. Use the bobby pins to secure the loop to the hair. When you put the bobby pins in, cross them. It helps them to stay secure and not slip. Don't worry about the end of the hair...we will fix that later. Just push it to the side and ignore it.

Loop the rest of your sections. See all that stray hair? Here is where we fix it.

Pull the ends up through your loops. I did this by dividing the ends in half and putting each half out the side of it's loop. You can stop right here if you want to because I love the messy look. But my daughter doesn't, so we kept on going.

I curled each of the ends with my trusty flat-iron.
Then I sprayed the heck out of it with hairspray because it was a rainy day and her hair doesn't do so well in the rain.
Then added flowers to the top.

Now, I should have fluffed each of the curls to give it a messy look...but as I said, it was a rainy day and that would have just been a big old mess because we went to lunch and shopping. I didn't want to deal with a big old mess.

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