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Monday, June 2, 2008

side ponies are still in (right?)

I wanted to post this picture, because this was after swim lessons & then swimming at home for another hour or so & it still held up pretty good. I'm always trying to think of things, especially in the summer that will stay in all day long & I don't have to redo after playing, swimming or naptime. I think it stayed pretty good. The closer your rubberbands are, the better the hair will stay in, usually. You won't have to be fixing it thru out the whole day. I just parted her hair into thirds. Clipped the top & bottom so I could just work with middle. Then I sectioned her hair off adding rubberbands along the way, doing a zig-zag. At the end, I just combed it all over to one side and pulled it all together into a messy, side pony.

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