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Friday, June 13, 2008

So cute it will make your hair CURL!

Or corkscrew curls.

First, I need to apologize for my lack of posting. There is a reason they call them the dog days of summer. In my house we lie around lazy like dogs...which results in simple and basic hair styles which I am compiling...but it will take all of one post. Today I was feeling much more ambitious however and did something that has become a favorite in our home.

This post is for those of us who have daughters with straight hair or even wavy hair. I covet curly hair. COVET IT! However, the genetic make-up of my daughters fell short in the hair department when it came to curls. I have accepted this...but only because God made curling irons. Today we curl.

See this stuff? My favorite. I LOVE this stuff. When I curl my daughters hair, it makes the curls so soft, but they hold their shape. LOVE IT!

Start out with dry hair. Her hair was in French braids yesterday, and since I only wash their hair every other day, it has some funky waves going on.

Add your curl sculpting gel.

Then I take and curl the ends with my flat-iron or curling iron. Today it was a flat iron because the curling iron wasn't hot yet and my flat iron is hot in 30 seconds. Dumb curling iron.

I took a section of her hair and pulled it straight up. Then I put the curling iron right at the base of her hair. I apologize for this picture. Amelia was holding the curling iron as I was taking pictures. This is why I don't believe in full-blown evolution folks. Moms would have eight arms. And my curling iron is totally dirty. I have better things to do than to clean my curling irons. I'm keeping it real girls.

I digress. With the curling iron at the base of the hair, wrap the hair around the curling iron. My curling iron is 1/2 inch.

Like so. I don't worry about it wrapping around smooth or twisting as you wrap it. In fact, it makes the curls more twisty. The heat is what you want here. Hold it on the end. Note that the longer you hold the hair on the curling iron, the bouncier (is that a word?) the curl will be. I held these each for about 25 seconds.

Then I let go. Now the reason that I curled the ends prior to these is because I am not adding these curls to the entire head of hair. I don't have that kind of time.

But I do add some more...

...and a few more.

Then I let them cool. In this case I came downstairs and ate a Hershey's Kiss, then I went upstairs and finger combed her hair from underneath to separate the curls.

Then I scrunched them and sprayed them. You don't have to separate them. I will show you a picture of them not separated. It is cute either way.

Then I finished the front.

HA!!! Gotcha. Do you really think I would let her out of the house like that? Not that we are going anywhere.

So we added a clip.
Oh, and as a side note. Notice those baby bangs? A couple of weeks ago, she asked me if we could cut them off. I told her no. Her dad and I both had them until we hit puberty. If we cut them, the ones underneath would look silly. A couple of days later, I was pulling her hair into a ponytail, and I had these little pokey up hairs everywhere. She WHACKED THEM OFF! Here is a lesson to me. Don't discount that because she is almost 8 that you made it through her entire childhood without cutting her hair. It doesn't work that way.

This is what it looks like not separated.

The End.

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