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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Britney Spears in The Makeup Chair

How I would do it...

I would love to do Britney's makeup, 
and this is how I would do it...

On the left how Britney's makeup is done,
On the right how I would do her makeup.

With a little help from photo shop I add some makeup!

Britney suffers from break outs and oily skin, 
I would start with Smashbox Photo Finish Light 
(after using a cleanse, toner and moisturiser of course)

Her under eyes looked a little grey, I used a peach concealer to counteract that. 

Taking a lighter shade of foundation I highlight the skin under the eyes, chin and forehead and then use a foundation shade that matches her neck to help even her skin.

With Britney going from blonde to brown her brows need to also change, I used a warm brown eyebrow pencil to define them.

I picked a lighter peachy/pink blush for Britney's cheeks. Britney already has strong red colours in her skin so a peachy/pink would neutralise that. 

Finally for lipstick I blended the lip liner more and added a sheer pink lipstick! Done!  

Which celebrities makeup would you like to do or redo??

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