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Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Crafty Sock Bun Hairstyle

The Crafty Sock Bun Hairstyle
How To Style :
  • Step 1 : Cut the toe off of the sock.
  • Step 2 : Roll it over itself to create a donut shape.
  • Step 3 : Cut the donut shape so it becomes a long roll.
  • Step 4 : Trim the ends so the roll is the length of the base of your head.
  • Step 5 : Part your hair in the middle. Spread a dime-sized amount of smoothing serum over your hair to get rid of any flyaways.
  • Step 6 : Place the sock roll horizontally, a few inches from the bottom of the hair.
  • Step 7 : Wrap the ends of the hair over the sock and continue to roll up until you get to the base of the neck, adding any loose hair as you go.
  • Step 8 : Hold the roll in place and secure with bobby pins on each side and above the roll. Don’t skimp — you’ll need a bunch to keep the style in place!
  • Step 9 : Fan the hair around the sock to conceal and secure with more bobby pins.
  • Step 10 : And bam
Source : 4 Easy & Unexpected DIY 'Dos

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