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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Corrective Colours

Corrective Colours

Correctors are used to counteract or neutralise tones found in the skin so foundation and concealer can work better.


If you suffer from yellowing under the eyes, or your tan/warm skin is looking dull and grey, try a lilac primer or concealer. It brighten and evens your skin.

Green & Yellow Counteracts - Red/Pink 

If you suffer from rosacea or reddish skin try green or yellow concealer or primer, it will counteract the red tone in the skin. 
If you have cool skin tone try green or you have warmer skin tone try the yellow. 

Peach/Pink/Orange Correctors

Peach/Pink/Orange concealer brighten grey/purple/blue/green/dark under eye circles but keep in mind once you apply the corrector you may need to go back over the area with a foundation or concealer that matches your skin to ensure it blends out evenly. 

Light Pink for pale Skin 
Peach for Medium Skin
Orange for Dark Skin 

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