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Monday, March 11, 2013

How To Make a Chignon Bun

How To Make a Chignon Bun
Steps :
1 : Gather all of your hair in one hand.
2 : Start twisting all of your hair in your hand around 1-2 fingers. Hold your starting point in your other hand as if it were a hair tie (if you have hair that is thick and slippery you may just want to put a hair tie in.
3 : Continue to wrap your twisted pony around your starting point until you reach the end of the pony, continually twisting your finger at the same time to keep the ponytail tight.
4 : Secure the end of your pony with a bobby pin, making sure that it goes as far in towards the center of the bun as possible.
5 : Add extra bobby pins to ensure that the bun will stay in place. I usually use about 3-4, if you have thicker hair or many layers, you may have to use more.
6 : Toussle your hair slightly to give it a 'messy, effortless' look and sprits it a few more times with some hairspray or styling product if needed.

Source : My Non-Do, Hair-Do

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