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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Twisty Knots

I wish I had like five hands to show better pictures, so I hope I can explain this well enough for you to understand. You can do as many rows of the twisted knots as you want. This would look really cute also on a little girl that has short hair, instead of pulling it into pigtails, leave it all down & blow dry it. Do her hair wet with the ends a little damp. Gel each section as you divide it. Start the part in the very front, making a small rectangle shape with the part. I've found the less hair you have in the knot, the easier (& they look better). After you have this parted, split it in half.
Tie like you are going to tie a bow, right over left, but do not pull it all the way down. After, twist both of the loose ends until you can actually see the twist *This is the key: if you do not twist them, the knots will not stay.

After you have twisted each side of the loose ends, wrap EACH side once, one at time, through the whole (like you are doing a double knot). At this point, you still have not pulled the loose ends to knot it. If I don't make sense on this step, let me know.

Now you can pull each side down & this is the result.

Do as many rows as you want, starting the next section the exact same way.

If you wanted to keep it down, you could round brush or do big loose curls. Spray the knots for a stronger hold.

When she's playing hard, I like to pull it up out of her face, especially in this heat. If you want to do these kind of pigtails, just don't pull them through all the way. Pretty cute end result, right?

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