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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Balenciaga Handbags

What's your first thought when you hear the word "Balenciaga"? A perfectly stylized woman, not too elegant, with just a hint of glamour and accessories to die for is the image that pops in my head when someone mentions it. Although this fashion brand offers very sophisticated clothing pieces made of the most quality fabrics, it's their bags that have to be given credit for making this brand one of the most popular ones among young fashionistas. The most famous models are surely Balenciaga City & Balenciaga First bag.

They're very simple and available in every single color which is maybe one of the main reasons why Balenciaga bags are so coveted. Yes, you can wear them with any look: with blazers, every type of jeans, color blocking, floral prints, shorts or skirts, flowy dresses... Balenciaga handbag is worth every penny as you can play mixing and matching with it, and guess what, it will suit every outfit you pick. Celebs are already crazy about them, Nicole Richie even has Balenciaga bags in almost every color.

My favorite ones are oversized Balenciaga clutches that take biker chic to a whole new level. Although it's made to be rockish, I've noticed that many girls pair it with elegant outfits too!

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