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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lana Del Rey: A Girl Who Conquered The World

After the major discovery in the music industry: beautiful Adele, here comes another one who already seems to have a huge influence not only on the music world, but on the fashion industry as well! We are free to say that this girl with a voice of an angel and a body of a sinner is slowly but surely conquering the world as she pushes aside all the pretty faces with no talents. Lana Del Rey is a singer, songwriter and a fashionista, but her style doesn't quite include the dominant fashion scene, and that's actually a good thing!

She's unique in every way: she's not a natural performer or exhibitionist on the scene, which explains the criticism about her Saturday Night Live performance, her songs are far away from mainstream and sweetness we're used to, they represent her own sadness, and her style can be described as "one of a kind" since she is definitely not a trend follower yet looks great in everything she puts on. The dominant look is retro glam of 60s as the bombshell sexuality of Brigitte Bardot apparently had the major impact on this girl's style forming. She's not trying to look like a 90-60-90 Barbie doll: Lana has an elfish beauty of Natalie Portman and Lauren Bacall's rebellious attitude.

People are constantly talking about her edgy lyrics, outrageous behavior, divine voice, gold tooth and perfect lips, which is a great start for a newcomer. Remember that Kim Kardashian had to do much more to get some fame? :)
 She differs from all the girls we've seen before, maybe that's the reason why a number of her fans grows rapidly. Lana is now a cover girl for Vogue UK March issue, which means she definitely made it in a fashion world!

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