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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Product Review: Hair Flairs Color Rub

Recently I was approached by Hair Flairs and asked to review a new product they had come out with.

Hair Flairs Color Rub is a temporary color that literally rubs directly on to hair and creates a fun look until it washes out with the next shampoo. 

Of course Keyanna and I jumped at the opportunity to do this review, She was thrilled with the idea of having colorful hair.. So we took a look at the site and she chose the Fuchsia Flare color. 
When we first received the Color Rub in the mail Keyanna couldn't wait to try it out, I was a little skeptical of how well it would really work since it is in a powder form and I had never seen anything like it. 
We immediately took down her ponytail she had been wearing that day and I applied the color rub to a strip of her hair. I was surprised how bright it was since Keyanna's hair is a darker blonde/brown, it really stood out. I didn't apply much because I wasn't sure how temporary it really was, but after her bath that night there was no evidence that she had ever had pink hair. 

The next day I braided her hair and decided to add some pink to the tips of her hair for a rockstar look, and she definitely felt like one! 

Before applying it to Keyanna's hair I watched their "How-To" video, The color rub was very easy to apply. I opted against using gloves and the color did stain my hands so I would recommend everyone take their suggestion and use them. They also mention that the color rub can transfer onto clothing and suggest wearing darker colors. 

Overall Keyanna and I are very pleased with this product. She received a ton of compliments over the weekend, and is asking for more colors now! I love that the color was so bright, but is very temporary and washed out easily. 

You can purchase Hair Flairs Color Rub on their website for $13.00, and they have 9 colors to choose from. We used about half of our color rub to create this style.

You can check out their easy to follow directions HERE
Or watch their "How-To" video HERE

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