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Thursday, March 1, 2012

In Memory of My Dog

A few years ago my beautiful collie Faolan pass away. It broke my heart. I still miss him everyday.
For those of you who are wondering about the name Faolan - its Irish for "Little Wolf"
A fitting name for our big blue eyed collie we though. I called him Bear, he was a big teddy bear!! As I write this I am so upset because he was so sweet and kind and loving he deserved a long long beautiful life. Unfortunately Bear didn't have the best start in life and was dumped outside our house at just over a year old. We took him in and loved him for 10 great years. Sadly he gone ill and dead in his sleep with me by his side. A horrible sad moment but I was glad I was there to hold him as he passed.

Back to today, well today was beautiful - the sun was shining it wasn't too cold, the type of day he would have loved. So I spent it in the garden creating this.

It really made me feel close to him again. I am not the best artist but I tried to capture his face. This rock sits in our garden and we planted blue flowers around, the same colour as his eyes!

Clean large stone.
Slate grey base colour

I sketched it out on paper first
 then traced the outline onto the stone

This is the second time I created this because the paint only lasted about 2 years before it chipped off due to bad weather. I hope to protect this one more so it lasts longer. I miss him everyday but its nice to look out into the garden and see him there.

Love Sinead x

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