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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Girly Footwear: Sneakers

Recently I heard a girl saying that "ladies don't wear sneakers" which is, if you ask me, not quite the best conclusion about what makes us ladies. As for me, being a lady has nothing to do with height of our heels, it's a state of mind, our attitude, poise, grace, good manners and thousands of other things that can't be bought or measured in centimeters.
Don't get me wrong: I adore high heels and they do give us self-confidence and a visually thinner figure, but it's indisputable that a woman can allow herself to slip her feet into something more comfortable and still look and behave in a ladylike way. In fact, I know many ladies who prefer flat footwear over super high stilettos.
So, if you're among those who like wearing comfy & cute sneakers, we made a choice of the most popular ones for you.

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