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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So I am hope to do a OOTW (Outfit of the week) with an outfit to fit each day of the week.

Here is my causal Saturday/Sunday OOTD

I started by taking a Plain White Tank Top 

Straight Leg Jeans
(My sister's I dunno where she got them)

My hsamuel White Watch
and chain from Micheals (Cork)

Then I added a Checkered Grey/Purple Shirt over the top.

I rolled the sleeves up so make it looks causal and "lazy" :)

Only tied a few buttons in the middle to cinch in the waist.

If you want you could leave it open and the white top inside will
elongate the body making you appear taller and thinner.

With Hour Glass or Pears Shaped bodies (Like me) its better to "Cinch"

 Keeping with the layered look -

I wore a Purple Jacket -  which matched the shirt pattern

I rolled the sleeve back down and then rolled them over the jackets sleeves (I think it just bring the outfit together)

Purple Bag is from Dunnes as are the sunglasses
(and I know what you're think sunglasses really?? But it was actually really bright outside!)

   I have two shoe options,
   Black wedges 

  Sliver/Grey Flats
  (Also Dunnes)

  Its up to you which you like more,
  I love my wedges wear them ALMOST every day!!

Hope you liked it! Video to should be up later in the week anyways! :)

Sineady xx

                 This is how I did my hair BTW :)

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