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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentines Style: Braided Heart Ponytails

So.. it’s not quite Valentines day yet, but we did this style a little early to give you all another idea for the holiday. We actually started out planning to do a different heart style by Goldilocks*N*Me but the mood struck me to braid so we switched it up and came up with this style. Braided hearts are Keyanna’s favorite so she was definitely pleased when we finished, and has received tons of compliments by all her friends and teachers. 

For this style all I did was basically “draw” out the hearts using the end of a rat tail comb, tie them off using a rubber band, and then make an outline around each heart for the braids. I started at the top of the heart and braided down each side. After the 3 hearts were done I just did random small ponytails all over her head with the remaining hair and then braided them and added beads. 

You can check out last years Valentines day style that we did HERE 

How are your kids wearing their hair for Valentines day? Feel free to post pics to our Facebook Page

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