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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

OOTD with

OOTD with my friend Sarah,
My friend came over and we did a tag video and though why not do an OOTD.

It was ice cold outside (we need some hot chocolate when we came in :p)
I just loved Sarah outfit!

(I'm on the left and Sarah is on the right BTW)

These shoes come in as platforms too.

I think Kim K has boots like these! 
Click the link to watch the video! 

For my outfit I layer a brown long sleeved v-neck top and a buttoned up cardigan of the same clothes. Then I add skinny navy pants all from Penneys. 
My sister picked this outfit out for me. I have three other tops to match up with the shoes and pants. 

I loved how Sarah took a black outfit and add the scared to bring the whole outfit together ALSO I love the boots! I couldn't believe they were from Penneys!

Hope you enjoyed our OOTD and tag video! 

Sinead xx

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