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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Trending 2012 - Hats

For centuries hats are synonymous  of elegance and class. Over the ages they were changing their shapes following cultural and fashion progress but they have never disappeared from the fashion scene and on some royal events they are still part of the dress code. 

Nowdays they are wearable in whole variety of shapes and became on of the items that make statements and draw attention. 

There's a hat for every style you may have. Beside being fashionable they have quite practical uses as protection from sun or cold, to hide your larger nose or forehead  as well as help on the day you rushed out of house without perfect hair or makeup. For small head we suggest avoiding huge hats and choosing 1920's style (see pictures further bellow) .

For 2012 trends are large round soft hats but you'll still look great if you chose smaller ones.

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