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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wardrobe Essentials - Nude Shoes

Among things you must have in your wardrobe are nude pumps. Why? Because they are one thing you can wear on everything. Again why? Because that's your skin color and your skin goes on everything well.  Therefore it is important that you pick them in color most similar to your natural skin tone which will be no problem as they are available in whole palette from off-white, over pinkish/peach nude to lighter brown.

Most of the girls have black shoes but hey, Nude Is The New Black! And that's an old news!
Whenever you are having doubts on what to wear ... Answer is "nude" ! And there's no mistake with them.

They will calm down your "craziest" outfit, but also point out your favorite one (as you surely don't want someone to look at shoes instead of outfit you were matching for 3h or the dress that makes your body look perfect) .

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