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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Backless Dresses

If you're not a fan of showing too much cleavage, you'll be happy to know that the back is back to fashion. Backless dresses and shirts are becoming more and more popular as a trend, so our prediction is that this spring and summer the streets and red carpets will be crowded with women showing off their beautiful backs. 

Why the back? 
It's suggestive and sexy, yet mysterious and subtle. You can strike a unique balance between showing off a lot of skin, while keeping things classy. Also, for those girls who aren't satisfied with their cleavage size this trend can be a great way to show off their best parts, and hide the imperfections.  

Celebrities such as Rihanna, Adriana Lima, Blake Lively, Kate Hudson, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow etc. just love their backless dresses, they realized that this trend is amazing, because it redefines "sexy"While the usual things we associate "sexy" with (cleavage, short and tight) can turn out as a border between sexy and tacky, a backless piece always keeps an air of elegance and unbelievable self-confidence. 
Gwyneth Paltrow looked gorgeous in this blush pink backless gown with a stylish bow-tie detail at the back.

How to wear it: First of all, you should balance the naked back with simplified, covered-up front. Forget about necklaces and big earrings; backless dress itself isn't very versatile, so you have to choose wisely. 
For a day in the city wear your backless dress with simple shoes and a small purse, it would be advisable to pick a purse with some embellishment, that will compensate for the lack of jewelry . The best colors for a day look are black, nude and white, but you can also pick a floral print for a romantic look. Stilettos are the preferred choice when it comes to footwear, but you can also pull it off with single-colored wedges  or even Oxford flats. 

Paris Hilton chose a hot army green backless dress matched with black details 
For more casual but equally sexy and seductive look, backless tops are an easy way to show an unexpected bit of skin but also stay in the casual zone. You can wear your backless top with denim, maxi skirt or colorful trousers. That way you are allowed to add some accessories for an effortlessly stylish look. Try with  cascading back necklace that focuses attention on your back.

For a night out or a glamorous event a backless dress is the perfect solution as it can easily transform you into the star of the night. For an elegant look, you can never go wrong with neutral colors, but also don't be intimidated to use the vibrant ones. Wear your vivid color dress with simple black/nude shoes and a matching clutch. Include just one small item of jewelry: it could be a pair of earrings or a silver bracelet.

Hairstyle: The best hairstyle for any of these looks is certainly a bun and a ponytail. Depending on the event, you can choose a braided up-do for elegant outfits or a messy bun for casual looks. The backlessness is the entire point of the outfit - you have to show it off!

Appropriate Bras: Last but not least, bra straps should not be visible under any conditions and plastic straps are a big no. Also, avoid wearing bra for at least a few hours before you wear the dress. Wear a bra with very low back strap or with some embellished straps, a corset with low back or a silicone invisible bra. 

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