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Monday, January 2, 2012

Second Day!

The second day of my "diet" I didn't do too good today, I was so busy I didn't really have time to make sure I was eating right but I tried!

Diet -

Weetabix and Alpro Soya milk (unsweetened)

I add a pinch of sugar I know tut tut! Kept me full though for ages though.

Tuna and salad with a bit of mayo. I used Mayo instead of butter.
Had it on Half and Half bread it tastes good but isn't as bad as white bread. Glass of Apple Juice.

Tuna obviously isn't vegan I do have fish sometimes. A good Vegan
alternative is tuno or quorn tuna cutlets.

I also had spiced tufu with mayo once is was great on toast!


Left over tuna with a peppery rocket, spinach and watercress salad.

I didn't plan my meals very well, as you can see. I was pretty hungry so I did have a bowl of cereal late in the evening.

Tomorrow is another day of busyness but I hope to stock up on some food so I can plan out my meals!

I hope to find some time to work out early in the morning!

Tip of the day:

Don't worry if you slip up once in awhile tomorrow is another day! 

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