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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fourth Day - Temptation

So today it was a hard day! I really wanted some chocolate!!
My boyfriend was eating some left over chocolates from Christmas and I was like Ah!! Sad face!

Diet -

Kellogg's Special K Cereal and Alpro Soya milk (unsweetened)

What I really wanted was coco pop but I told myself no, because I would have to admit it on my blog so that's a good thing.
The Original Special K Cereal, has 11 essential vitamins and minerals and I find it keeps me fuller for longer.

Fresh home made brown bread and vegan "butter" spread.

I love this brown bread that my boyfriend's mum makes!

Tuna pasta bake

Just made some pasta, add some pasta sauce, mixed in a can of tuna and bake.
(I would usually had cheese but this time I left it out)

What I did:

Light house work,walked to town to do my shopping, took the stair when I could.

(If you have to drive to town, park at the other end of the car park so you still have to walk to the shop and back with your shopping bag)

It still counts as a work out, and doing a bit everyday it better then nothing!

Tip of the day:
Take your time, enjoy your food and you will eat less!

If you want some thing sweet, check out my vegan brownies! 

Sinead x

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