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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trend Report: Nude Is The New Black!

This spring all shades of nude are all over the runways, and although winter is not officially over, we are free to say that nude will be the color of spring 2012. It's really easy to mix & match nude with any color, plus it looks great with a tanned body. Whether you picked cream, apricot, beige, tan, cream pink or caramel shade, it will be easy to pull it off.

Make sure that you picked the right fabrics, not too tight because you don't want to look like you're naked.
Choose gentle materials like silk, chiffon and lace for a girly but sexy look. Leather is allowed only in the form of jacket. Denim and nudes complement each other so if you're a fan of jeans in any color, feel free to match it with nude items for a casual yet sexy look. Even denim jackets look great with it.

 Lace was never out of fashion. It looks amazing in every form, whether it's a dress, cardigan or a skirt, and it looks even better with nude. That way you'll look girly and cute, but also sophisticated and sexy.

You can also pick a nude cardigan or sweater for a cozy early spring look. Our suggestion is to wear it with denim and accessories in camel color. Add lots of jewelry for a touch of boho chic.

Nude - white is my personal favorite combination. It's the best choice if you want to look sophisticated and effortlessly chic. Off the runways, we have noticed that celebrities and fashionistas tend to add gold and silver details to the whole outfit. Watches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces: the choice is yours!

Morticia Addams from "Addams family" once said: "Black is such a happy color". Well, in this case, it is.
Black is a great color to match nude with, you already know that you can't go wrong with that! There are countless ways to wear this combination and black helps adding some contrast to your outfit.

Don't be afraid to add some prints to your look. Everything is allowed, from floral patterns for romantic souls to leopards for girls with attitude. Our favorite is definitely Burberry pattern that can be easily pulled off with anything!

 Look at Kate Hudson's outfit below: Burberry scarf & beige platform shoes are a perfect touch of nude to a simple white dress and a trench coat. 

Inna is rocking her nude leather jacket with leopard print pants.
You're free to play with accessories and fabrics. This girl chose chiffon, lace, leopard print,
and many, many accessories and she pulled it off perfectly! 
Kirsten Dunst  looks flawless in a floral print nude dress and beige-black heels.
You can even wear nude with  two different prints, which is impossible with any other color .

Always remember to choose the right  nude color because some of them tend to 'wash out' natural skin color. Pick the one that is 3-4 shades lighter/darker of your skin color.

Other than overwritten, there are absolutely no rules when it comes to this color. Sheer fabrics, sequins, ruffles, feathers, studs, belts, bows, jewelry in any color...It's up to you!

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