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Monday, January 9, 2012

Half Back Cornrows Into A Side Pony

I did this style on Keyanna for a birthday party we were going to for her little cousin, and since the party was on the 31st it also doubled as her New Years Eve style.  

I started this style by parting her hair ear to ear and tying off the back section. I then did a slight S shape cornrow, and did the 2 small cornrows for the :bangs”. I continued adding cornrows down the side of her head towards her ear. For the other half I added a few more S cornrows and then did the same thing adding cornrows all the way dawn until I reached her ear. 

I didn’t want to use rubber bands for this style, instead I continued braiding the hair a few more inches off of the scalp so it wouldn’t unravel. 

After I finished braiding I brushed all of her hair up into a high side pony and added our long and wide curl formers to curl it. She slept with them in overnight and here are the results we got the next morning… 

I added a cute bow (from SassyRoche Bowtique, Check them out!) and she was ready  to go! 

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