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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Detox - Day one

So it is the first day of my "Detox". Christmas is over and it's a New Year!
I wanted to start as I mean to go on so here is everything I did and ate today!

Diet -

Kellogg's Special K Cereal and Alpro Soya milk (unsweetened)

The Original Special K Cereal, has 11 essential vitamins and minerals and I find it keeps me fuller for longer.

I wasn't hungry at all, so I didn't have lunch which I know its bad but I think if you aren't hungry don't force yourself to eat!


Vegan lasagna with a peppery rocket, spinach and watercress salad.

I made vegan lasagne for my family yesterday and there was bit left over so I had it with some salad.
I am not a huge fan of salads but rocket, spinach and watercress isn't too bad and its packed with vitamin A which is good for the skin and eyes. As well as iron which vegans need.

If you really hate salad try just adding a bit to every mouth full of food and you will still get the vitamins with out the taste. (or lack of)

What I did:

I Slept in :)
Yep! You might think you need to get up early otherwise you are just being lazy but sleep is very important.

Research shows that women who sleep 5 hours or less per night generally weigh more than women who sleep 7 hours per night.

I do hope to get into a good routine of going to bed and wake up at the same time each day.

Had my breakfast with a glass of orange juice! Yummy!!

I had work to do, emails to answer and work to do on youtube so my afternoon was full with that.

I always dance to "I'm a slave"
Then I did my first work out of the year! Yay! I actually LOVE working out!

I did about 45-60mins
Warm up for about 5 mins
Light stretching
Some Fast Paced Cardio Workout
Belly Dancing
Light Upper Body Muscle Workout
Cool Down

I kept hydrated with a glass of lemon and water.

I took a shower and exfoliated really well getting rid of all the old skin of last year (sounds funny)
Then after my shower I massage body oil deep into the skin to help keep it smooth and soft.

I also used a heat protect shampoo and conditioner on my hair and let it dry naturally. :)

Had my yummy vegan dinner and a glass of lemon and water.

I might have some fruit soon, because I don't like going to bed hungry.

Speaking of bed try not to eat within two hours of going to bed as it's just empty calories that you don't need.

Tip of the day:

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today!! 

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