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Friday, January 6, 2012

Get The Look: Serena Van Der Woodsen

Serena Van Der Woodsen, played by Blake Lively, is one of the main characters on CW's show Gossip Girl. She's extremely popular, an IT-girl adored by guys and envied by girls. Serena's style can be described as boho chic with a rocker vibe. She mixes textures, accessories and colors and always looks perfect on the show . Serena is not afraid to play with different trends and styles, she likes vintage designer clothes, which makes her outfits look effortlessly stunning. Here are some advice how to get her look.

Hairstyle: Serena has beautiful long, wavy blonde hair. To get those imperfect waves, apply a small amount of mousse on wet hair and blow dry it. Curl your hair in sections, starting with bottom layers. Don't worry about making it perfect, because beauty of her hairstyles is in their imperfection. She also likes different kinds of braided ponytails and buns for glam occasions.

Sexy dresses: Serena likes to show off her amazing figure, that's why she often picks short & sexy dresses. Try to find simple dresses and complete the look with high heels and vintage jewelry. 
Don't show too much cleavage in order to keep it classy.

Glamorous gowns: The most popular Upper East Sider adores glamorous evening gowns. The textures are  silky and soft, which makes her look delicate and feminine. If you want her glam style, wear sequined or silk gowns with neutral make-up, and also tone down your hairstyle to avoid looking overdressed.

Sequins: Serena Van Der Woodsen is crazy about sequins! To sparkle like this IT girl, have at least one  sequined item. She adores shiny blazers, so you can match it with plain white shirt, designer handbag and badass shorts.

Shorts & skirts: Serena is proud of her toned, moisturized legs and she loves showing them. If you have legs like hers, feel free to wear miniature shorts, but always remember to keep the rest covered. She often combines sexy shorts/skirts with heels, boho accessories and high end bags such as Chanel, Valentino, Mulberry... The key is in simplicity!

Hats: When S.has a "bad hair day", she hides her messy hair under the hat and the problem is solved! If classic fedora hats are not your style, you can pick a simple winter cap as a fabulous accessory.

Scarves: In winter, Serena likes to keep it warm and cozy, that's why she chooses a cashmere scarf as an ultimate accessory for cold days in New York.

Blazers: Epaulette and boyfriend blazers are a must-have when it comes to Serena's style. A quality blazer can turn any outfit into the most stylish look. Serena matches them with both casual and dressy combinations.

Colorful handbags: With a designer bag to die for, her outfits are complete. Serena likes bright colors for handbags and she can pull them off with almost anything. She's a huge color-block fan, so if you're, like her, brave enough to mix different colors in one outfit, we suggest you lime green or royal blue leather bag.

Jewelry: Huge, bold pieces of jewelry make Serena's everyday outfits look fresh and always interesting. Make sure that you don't over-do it, so don't mix 2 or more items, just one big piece is enough to spice up your look!

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