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Friday, January 20, 2012

Color Crush: Electric Blue

Don't you just love this shade, mostly known as royal blue or electric blue? I simply adore it!
I recently bought a royal blue dress and realized that it looks great combined with every single color: red, nude, white, camel brown, gold, silver and even neons! London fashion experts named it a color of the decade, maybe it's because electric blue is one of the main colors in Kate Middleton's wardrobe. Kate is definitely the icon for the royal blue look, but there are also other celebrities who made it very popular.

You don't have to be an expert to add a pop of blue into your outfit. There is one single rule and it says: Don't overdo the blue!
 Never mix this color with other blue shades, you don't really want a "Smurfette" look. Once you start mixing and matching, you'll realize that there is plenty of ways to wear this color.
Electric blue is sure to flatter all skin tones and can compliment neutral colors such as beige and also flamboyant colors like burgundy, fuchsia pink or even pine green. 

This trend is very versatile and can be worn for cocktail parties, work and even for the most glamorous events. Royal blue dress will add some sophistication and luxury to your look.

Instead of boring, old, usual denim, you should try trousers and shorts in electric blue. You will be surprised how great it looks, especially with brown and white. Extra points if you get some suntan.

For a casual everyday look, add lots of jewelry, big sunglasses and an eye-catching bag. Don't be intimidated to play with different designs and even patterns. The photos below will assure you that casual chic doesn't need much effort and yet it looks simply adorable. 

If you decided to go royal with electric blue shoes or a bag,  it will be hard to choose from thousands of designs. We picked the most coveted designer items for you.

Do you like this color trend as much as I do? If you have any other ideas how to pull it off, feel free to post your pics on our facebook page.

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