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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


When 2012 started I was in a pretty good place in my life, lived with my lovely boyfriend John, had a great apartment in Cork city, great friends, happy family, everything I could have asked for.

I look at myself here and it makes me said,
I was so happy back then I want that feeling back.

I didn't think that the year was going to slowly go down hill. I tried to stay positive but I lost so much of that happiness. I still tried to hold on to as much as I could, even with everything changing around me and in 2012 I realised -
I hate anything changing, something I never really thought to much but too much has changed now and I do not like it! Not one bit!

So when everything fell apart in my life on the 20 of December 2012 I think I had finally had enough and had given up on holding on to the life I once had and instead of watching change, I was going to make changes instead, Its time to take back some control in my life!

So I made a list, which come to think of it, it's kind of like a New Year's resolutions list but I am not just doing this because it's a new year I have to do it now.

  • Take a break from youtube videos. This is more because I am still so upset about my dog passing away that I can't face filming, she was always with me when I did and even going into my filming room scares me. 
  • Learn to drive. Gonna be a surprise for some people to know that I don't drive, I hate driving and in the city it wasn't a big deal but now I need to learn to drive. I can drive but I hate it!
  • Get into shape. I am tired of feeling crappy about my shape and I want to get super fit!
  • Create better videos. I really hate how bad my videos are. Bugs me.
  • Look into getting laser eye surgery. I really hope I can get my eyes fixed, I don't like wearing my glasses. Especially when I'm driving. 
  • Spend time with Sarah. I don't get to see Sarah (makeupbysaz) much and I really miss her! I hope I get to see my other guru girlie soon too. 
  • Learn to find my way around London. London scares me, its not like the North (North of England) you can turn around and ask for help but in London if you hesitate you get push! Learnt that the hard way!
  • Do some thing fun every day! 

Do you have anything that you want to change, do you want to take control??? 
I would love to hear your thoughts! 

Best wishes! Sinead x

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