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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How To : Mermaid Waves Hair

Steps :
1 : After applying the proper heat protection and breakage products isolate a horizontal row of hair at the nape of your neck about an inch thick.
2 : Using a curling rod wrap the hair and hold horizontally, starting at the middle of the strand.
3 : Heat the strand until it’s unpleasant to touch on the iron.
4 : Complete your first row. Curls should be going the same direction. For curlier hair, take smaller sections and for looser hair, take larger sections.
5 : Work in horizontal sections up the entire back of your head.
6 : Begin on the sides, again working horizontally and keeping everything going in the same direction.
7 : At this point your hair may look curlier than you’d like, Using a large wide tooth comb or bone comb, comb through all your curls to sort of melt them together and create waves.
8 : Once your waves are all unfurled and positioned just so, use a spray to hold it all together.

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