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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How To Make The Pull-Back Fishtail Braid

Steps :
  • 1 : Part your hair either down the middle or on the side you normally part on, and fishtail braid a front small section of your hair. I have a step-by-tutorial on how to fishtail here if you don't know how. It's really really easy so don't get scared away!
  • 2 : Braid to the end of your section of hair, and wrap it around your head to place a bobby pin in the back. Do the same thing now to the opposite side of your hair, and have the two braids meet in the back.
  • 3 : If you have long hair, it will look a little messy where the braids meet because you'll have extra hair that was too long. Tuck those strands underneath the braid so that you can't see them anymore.
  • 4 : Put a bow over where the braids meet in the middle and you're all finished!

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