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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Make an Old Hollywood Waves For Your Hair

Steps :
  • 1 : Begin with dry hair parted to the side. Prep hair with a thermal protectant like Hot Off The Press by Paul Mitchell.
  • 2 : Curl all of your hair in one direction using a one-inch curling wand. The side with the heavier part will curl towards your face and the other side will curl away from your face. Uniform curls are key to this style! The size of your sections and the way your curl each one should be consistent.
  • 3 : Brush through your curls when they have cooled with a boar bristle brush to make them blend together and form a wave .
  • 4 : With a comb right under each wave ridge, comb upwards to make the ridge more prominent.
  • 5 : Set with your favorite hairspray.

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