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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I have podophobia


Not something I like to admit but....*whisper* I have horrible feet.

I have podophobia: A fear of feet!

I hate feet, even the word Feet or Foot turns my stomach, I think this is because ever since I can remember I have had dry horrid feet. 
I even remember going to the doctor about it as a kid!

I have tried everything to get smooth feet,
scrubs, lotions, potions, files everything!! 

(If you want a review on products that I have tired before, let me know)

So I had to review this because in my option this is AWESOME!
Best thing I have EVER tried hands down (or should I say feets up) 
I finally have smooth feet with very little effort at all!! 

Pop two AA batteries in 
(not included by the way)

Press the button so it starts to rotate....

Run it over the foot Never hold for more then 2 seconds in the same spot

You'll see the flakes fall away...
Do it over a bin or towel, its gross lol


It is pretty expensive at around €50 but I have spent more on stuff that hasn't worked so taking that into account it's not bad and at least it really works. 

I have been going around showing everyone my feet and with my podophobia that's HUGE for me!

All in all I love it!

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